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Department of Engineering
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Computational Mechanics Lab

Advanced numerical analyses on structures of complex shapes characterized by smart innovative materials. Numerical assessment of doubly-curved shells accounting for generally anisotropic materials.

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The "Computational Mechanics Lab" is a research laboratory focused on the Scientific Disciplinary Sector (the Italian SSD) ICAR/08: Construction Science of the Department of Engineering for Innovation at the "Università del Salento". 

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The main target of the research group is to focus on the theoretical and numerical assessment of structures of double curvature composed by very innovative materials. A constant research work is taken on the geometrical description of structures and the multiscale implementation of advanced innovative materials.

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Systems and Devices for Computational Mechanics Laboratory such as 3D Printers and high performance Desktops and Notebooks.

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Dynamics of Structures (ITA)
Master Degree in Civil Engineering, II Year.

 Provincial road Lecce-Monteroni -
73100, Lecce (Italy)
"La Stecca" building - second floor, Campus Ecotekne
 +39 0832 297275


Prof. Francesco Tornabene

Prof. Francesco Tornabene, Assistant Professor

University of Salento - Department of Engineering for Innovation

"La Stecca" building - second floor, Campus Ecotekne, Provincial road Lecce-Monteroni, 73100 Lecce (Italy)

Tel. +39 0832 297275




The research activity has been reported in a series of articles in International Journals. The structural assessment of doubly-curbed shell structures is performed under static and dynamic conditions.

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